Medical Technology

We Purchase Any Medical Technology Which Can Be Refurbished and Remarketed!

Increasing Financial Return On Investment (ROI)

Excess Technology provides the best market rates for re-marketable medical equipment. Take advantage of our free no obligation valuation today. Once we have agreed a value for your assets, we test and inspect your assets at our facilities near Sydney, Australia, or Manchester, United Kingdom or Clark, Philippines. Equipment is always decommissioned to the highest standards, and transparently handled through our custom-built asset management system.

Assets That Can Not Be Repaired

In many cases, even if an asset seems broken beyond repair, it may still retain some value. We can help you understand the real value and recover and redistribute the technologies on your behalf. Although we aim to bring the technologies back to working condition, we are also able to process general waste and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Bespoke Agreements

We realise that a one-size-fits-all approach is not always appropriate, so we create bespoke agreements with each of our clients to ensure our business relationships are of the highest quality.

Simple, Flexible Transactions

We will provide a valuation on any technology asset that is either working or in an un-repairable condition. Although typically we operate on a capital investment recovery we do offer several other base partnerships giving flexibility to help maximise customer ROI:

  • Capital Recovery: Advance money for unwanted assets!
  • Consignment Release: Profit share from our facility!
  • Consignment Drop Ship: Profit share from your facility!
  • Trade-Up: Pay less for your replacement assets!

Increase profits by working with Excess Technology, we specialise in Medical equipment asset remarketing!

Our Services

  • Asset Recovery: inventory analysis, valuations and reporting
  • Asset Management: logistics, tracking and transaction evidence
  • Asset Auditing: secure data sanitisation, testing, product grading
  • Asset Remarketing: partner agreed remarketing strategies

Partner Agreements

  • Capital Recovery: more cash paid in advance for your assets!
  • Consignment Release: profit share from your facility!

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