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We hope you gain a better understanding of alternative solutions for procuring, remarketing and recycling business technology assets. Our goal as a ‘channel independent’ technology reseller, is to save our customers money, by using techniques which resellers, who are ‘contractually bound’ by the equipment manufacturer, are not able to provide.

What We Do

We Buy

Turning redundant assets into cash (working capital) should be top priority in today’s market. Excess Technology provide free consultations, valuations, technology testing, asset management, collection, disposal and redistribution services. In addition, we provide the best market rates for irreparable and re-marketable technology assets.

We Sell

We help our clients by reducing cost for business technology. We supply brand new and warrantied hardware, and refurbished hardware at greatly discounted prices with full warranty and maintenance options. We have an extensive international network of technology manufacturers, distributors and re-sellers we can source product from.

We Recycle

Legislation for businesses regarding the disposal of waste is becoming increasingly stringent and more demanding. Our aim is to assist you in achieving your business environmental targets. We will provide the necessary paperwork demonstrating the steps you have taken to ensure you comply with appropriate legislation.

We Erase

Whether you erase your data hard drives internally or outsource to a specialist company, we can save you time and money. We wipe detached drives or complete PC, Laptop or Server encased drives, either at your site or at our facility. Our data elimination service is of Department of Defence standard and we provide full certificates of data erasure.

What makes us different

More Money For Surplus Assets: An ethical asset recovery solution starts with maximising the value of your redundant assets. We provide the most competitive technology valuations in the industry.

Ethical Compliant Recycling; Consider an ethical and business compliant technology disposal and recycling solution. We provide destruction and disposal certification for disposal of electronic waste.

Confidential Data Security: Comprehensive asset recovery must protect against all types of organisation risks. We provide onsite and offsite industry leading data erasure and physical device destruction services.

The Extra Mile: In addition to our standard onsite services we also provide additional support through the following services:

  • Onsite asset auditing and process management
  • Onsite asset decommissioning and asset relocation
  • Onsite asset pack and wrap and no-risk logistical support
  • IT and Telecom Asset Relocation and Network Hardware Configuration
  • Hire / Rental Services
    • Hydraulic Server Lift
    • Small and Large Vehicle with/without Tail Lift, Driver, Extra Man

Our mission

Our mission is to become the largest asset recovery specialist and business technology recycler operating in Australasia. We believe the best way to stay true to our customers and continue to operate in their best interest is to remain channel independent. We are passionate about recycling and aim to reinforce best-practices and help decrease the amount of technology that goes to landfill unnecessarily.

Our customers love us and we are truly proud of sharing their feedback. Industry specific references available upon request!

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