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We Specialise in the Supply of New and Refurbished IT Desktop, Network and Telecoms Assets!

At Excess Technology we distribute a wide array of business technology and specialise in the remarketing of IT, Telecom and Medical technology. We provide some of the most trusted technology brands in the world, including Apple, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Hewlett Packard, IBM, EMC, Netapp to name but a few. Our central goal is to become one of the globe’s most trusted and efficient independent distributors, whilst complementing the value that existing conventional distribution channels offer to our clients.

Our extensive international network of manufacturers and distributors facilitate our large-volume purchases at substantial discounts. Whether its brand new hardware or our ability to source end-of-life products, you will gain access to a truly diverse catalogue, combined with a financial saving and unique service wrap.

3rd Party Refurbished Hardware

More and more businesses are investing in affordable refurbished products that won’t stretch their resources. The cost of refurbished hardware supported with the right warranty is the perfect way to meet your business goals. Our global network of trusted third-party distributors, including our in-house capability and stock holding, goes one stage further in helping our clients make substantial savings.

Manufacturer Refurbished Hardware

Some refurbished hardware is supplied by the manufacturers themselves. Many of the leading technology manufacturers have recognised the value of refurbishment and are now operating their own departments to re-distribute pre-owned product back into the market. We have access to more than 10,000 manufacturer refurbished product lines, allowing our customers to make a further cost saving, whilst gaining access to direct manufacturer maintenance programs.

New Surplus Hardware

We buy hardware from companies who have brand new product surplus to requirement and for which they have no requirement. In most cases, this hardware remains unopened. We can offer extraordinary rates on these products, which we term and label ‘new surplus’ after sourcing them from various leading manufacturers and distributors. We use three categories to describe the new surplus hardware that we stock:

  • F/S: Factory Sealed. This refers to hardware that is still in its original box, with the warranty intact and any seals uncut.
  • NOB: New Open Box. As above except with the seal of tape having been broken or cut. Warranty unaffected.
  • NEW: New product that may arrive either with or without the original packaging. These products may be supplied as bulk, new pull, F/S, or NOB items delivered with warranty.

Emergency Sourcing

Due to our global network of partners and our specialist tools, we can source and deliver products that are usually hard-to-find extremely quickly, without the price mark-ups you might expect from other suppliers when you buy used Cisco or other brands.

Supply Network

We are associated with the largest international network of IT and Telecom reseller brokers. We have access to hundreds of daily refreshed different inventory lists where we can source hardware.

Service Overview

Worldwide sourcing arrangements ensure our customers gain hard-to-find products quickly and at amazing discounts!

Desktop Computers, Laptops, Servers, LCD, TFT, CRT Monitors, Printers, Scanners/Ink, UPS’s, Cables, Mobile Phones, Network Hardware, Telecom hardware and peripherals!

  • Emergency Procurement
  • New Surplus Hardware
  • Manufacturer Refurbished
  • Third-Party Refurbished

Core Brands

Cisco Systems, Apple, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, 3Com, Nortel Networks, Brocade, Foundry Networks, Huawei, HP, IBM, EMC, Nokia, Sun, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Intel

Standard warranty, extended warranty, EOL support, manufacturer maintenance and 3rd party maintenance solutions.

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