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We Provide Destruction and Disposal Certification for Electronic Waste.

Excess Technology is a registered recycler of business computing hardware or WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). We take recycling technology very seriously rather than simply disposing of resources that still have value. Our expertise has enabled our clients to remain compliant with recycling legislation and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Legislation around business waste has become stricter over the years and if businesses fail to adhere to it, the penalties can be severe. With our help, you can expect to reach your targets and fulfill your environmental obligations. We can also help you with all the relevant paperwork that comes with recycling legislation.

You may be unaware that some of your hardware – or parts from it – can be turned into cash. This can include metallic, non-metallic and electrical waste. We work hard to keep our knowledge of recycling and environmental legislation completely up to date to ensure that you can remain fully compliant with the demands of the authorities whilst generating revenue from your old hardware.

Worth More Than You Think

We are able to recycle virtually any kind of used telecom hardware, used server hardware and used network hardware. In fact, our expertise in reselling and recycling technology extends to a wide array of business assets including; computers, laptops, printers, servers, network hardware (switches, routers, firewalls, storage), EPOS (tills, bar code scanners) and telecom hardware (phone systems, VoIP and mobile phones, carrier transition equipment) and medical technologies.

Here are just a few of the technology brands that we can demonstrate a recycling value: Cisco Systems, 3com, Alcatel, Apple, Avaya, Blackberry, Brocade, Checkpoint, Datalogic, Dell, Extreme Networks, F5, Ericson, Fujitsu, Fortinet, Hitachi, Hewlett Packard, HP Procurve, Huawei, IBM, Juniper, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, LG, Linksys, Lucent, Marconi, Netapp, Netgear, Nokia, Nortel, Polycom, Samsung, Seagate, Siemens, Sony, StorageTek, Sun/Oracle, Tanberg Data, Western Digital.

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Excess Technology Recycling Overview

  • WEEE (waste) Inventory Collection and Asset Management
  • Treatment Facility Assessment, Secure Data Wiping and Hardware Testing
  • WEEE Component Recycling or REEE Refurbishing for Re-Deployment
  • WEEE/REEE Marketing and Destruction Report, Transaction Certification

Complete Units

  • Desktop Computers, Laptops, Servers, LCD, TFT, CRT Screens, Printers, Scanners/Ink, UPS’s, Cables, Mobile Phones, Network Hardware, Telecom hardware and peripherals


  • HP, EMC, IBM, Dell, Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Juniper Networks, Nortel, NetApp, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Fuji, Xerox, Ricoh, Avaya, Mitel, Simens, Polycom, Tandberg, Panasonic, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, 3com, Hitachi, Sun, Agile, Kingston, Intel, Compaq, Western Digital, Seagate, Philips, Canon, Epsom, Lexmark etc.

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